Aidan’s Super Summer Workout

It has been a busy summer. It has been hot,and the boys and their friends have been making good use of the swimming pool. But it is always a sloppy mess, so it makes it hard to record any videos. Salt water is not nice on equipment. Aidan was over and wanted to do another workout. He was just the inspiration I needed to find somewhere to record. We shot the video today over at the school. Besides a drive-by by the police, everything went smooth. We had a neighbor girl join us, but she did not want to be on the video. She said, “maybe next time!” The breakdown is below. If you are a beginner, start with one or two rounds and work up from there. I offer didn’t options and variations on the exercises, so you should find something that fits your fitness level. Otherwise, feel free to substitute your own variation into the workout. Just remember to keep moving. Set your timer for stopwatch and perform 3 rounds with a short break in between each round. Remember to work at your own pace and level.

1. Burpees                                                                         12x
2. Plank Knee Drives                                                         12x
3. Sandbag Swing                                                             12x
4. Squat with Overhead Press                                           12x
5. Star Jacks/ Jumping Jacks                                            12x
6. Dive Bombers                                                                12x
7. Oblique Mountain Climbers                                           12x
8. V-ups                                                                             12x
9. Kneeling Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder                      12x
10. Pendulums                                                                   12x
11. Dips                                                                              12x
12. Jump Lunges                                                               12x