Aidan’s Memorial Day Montage


I had Aidan join me for a workout this morning. You will probably see more of him when school is out. He likes coming over to train with me. He plays football and lacrosse for high school, and wants to stay in shape over the summer. I told him he could join me and we would focus on any parts he needs to improve. He told me he needs more upper body work so I’m going to work up some programs specific for him. Today we did an entire body weight workout. You need no equipment for this workout. There are 4 parts to the workout, and the breakdown is below. If you are a beginner work at your own pace and take breaks when you need to. I have included modifications for every fitness level.

Part 1: 10/30  9 rounds

1. Squat with 2 High Knees
2. Left Reverse Lunge to Left Knee Up
3. Right Reverse Lunge to Right Knee Up

Part 2:  8 minute Countdown

2x Walking Push-ups to Right/ Hold for 10 Mountain Climbers and Hop Up. Repeat going to the left.
2x Walking Push-ups to Left/ Hold for 10 Mountain Climbers and Hop Up.

Part 3:  10/30  9 rounds

1. Thigh Burners
2. 1 Leg Burpee (right) with Push-up
3. 1 Leg Burpee (left) with Push-up

Part 4:  1:00  12 rounds

1. Plank Toe Taps Side
2. Right Side Plank Hip Raise
3. Plank Hold
4. Left Side Plank Hip Raise