Ab Circuit Workout

I had a request to do an abdominal circuit just like I did with the lower body circuit workout and the upper body circuit workout. I don’t like to disappoint so I put together another circuit. You feel free to modify any of the exercises. I show you different variations based on your fitness level. I used a stability ball and 12 lb kettlebell for some of the exercises, but you can do them using a bench, box or the floor. The workout breakdown is below.

10/50 6 rounds
1a. Stability Ball Toe Taps to Side
1b. Stability Ball Crunch up from Bottom

30/30 3 rounds
Plank Jacks
Side to Side Hop Over

10/50 6 rounds
2a. Stability Ball Hand Off
2b. Crunch up (on top of ball)

30/30 3 rounds
Mountain Climbers
Frog Hops

10/50 6 rounds
3a. Right Side Plank with Overhead Reach
3b. Left Side Plank with Overhead Reach

30/30 3 rounds
Oblique Mountain Climbers

4a. Right Knee to Front (Wrap right around left) Crunch in
4b. Left Knee to Front (Wrap left around right) Crunch in

30/30 3 rounds
Strict Mountain Climbers
Slow Bicycle

30/30 4 rounds
5a. Stability Ball Hyperextension
5b. Stability Ball Leg Lift