The 400 Rep Workout Video


I wanted to do one of my older posts that didn’t have a video to go along with it. All you need is a heavy set of dumbbells and a bench or step to step up to. There were 10 exercises in the workout, and I did 10 repetitions of each exercises four times through. If you are a beginner work at your own pace and take breaks when you feel the need. If the weight becomes too heavy lower it down and continue with the exercise. You can take a break in between each round. Do what feels comfortable for you. The workout breakdown is below. You can copy it down or just hit play and follow along with me.


Set your timer to stop watch.

1. Right Cross Over Step Up Left Knee Lift and down to Right Reverse Lunge       10x

2. Left Cross Over Step Up Right Knee Lift and down to Left Reverse Lunge         10x

3. Walk Out Plank to Superman Right then Left                                                       10x

4. Renegade Row with Manmakers                                                                          10x

5. Runner’s Stomp Right                                                                                           10x

6. Alternating Side V-Up Crunch                                                                               10x

7. Runner’s Stomp Left                                                                                              10x

8. Crunch off Side of Bench                                                                                       10x

9. Dive Bombers                                                                                                        10x

10. Dips w/Dancing Crab                                                                                           10x

Repeat workout 3 more times.