The 400 Rep Kettlebell Workout


It was a cold morning here today and I didn’t feel like shuffling a lot of things around for the workout. So I decided to use my 15 lb. Kettlebell and do an entire workout around a single weight. I did 4 rounds in a little over 35 minutes. If you are a beginner, work in your comfort zone. If you can get through 2 rounds, mark it down and keep track. Then when you do the workout the next time you can push for a third or fourth round. If you need to, lower your weight or do the workout without any weight. You are going for proper form and technique, not speed. Make sure you focus on those muscles you are using. You can keep lighter weights close by so if the weight becomes too heavy you can use a lower weight instead of stopping. Take breaks when you need to.

Set your timer for Stopwatch and perform 20 repetitions of each exercise for 4 rounds.

1. Kettlebell Swing with Alternating Side Squat                                        20x

2. Kettlebell Figure 8 Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift                        20x

3. Kettlebell Swing to Overhead Press w/Alternating Reverse Lunge      20x

4. Kettlebell Right Arm Roll-up to Get up with Overhead Press                20x

5. Kettlebell Left Arm Roll-up to Get up with Overhead Press                  20x