300 Rep Killer Workout


I know it has been a while since I did a video workout. The weather has gotten cooler here, and the boys are not using the pool as much. So I can continue with my workouts without worrying about slipping on a wet floor. It felt good to do the workout this morning. I did this one at the gym a while back, and I remember it kicking my butt. So I would like to share the video workout with you. I used my WOSS straps, a sandbag, BOSU Ball and Kettlebell. Use whatever you have available to you. I do show you variations on the exercises using different equipment. If you are a beginner, start without weight and work your way up. I go through three rounds of the workout to get the 300 reps. You can do as many rounds as you would like. The workout breakdown is below.

Perform each exercise 10 times before moving to the next. Take a 30 second to 1 minute rest between rounds. Repeat workout for 3 rounds.

1. Plank Leg Lift to Frog Hop Push-up
2. Pull-up (WOSS or TRX straps) or Rows
3. 10x Pendulums to 2x Plank Jack to a Surfer Hop Turn
4. Squat Low Roll Back to BOSU
5. Elbow Plank Drop to Bag Drag Burpee
6. Sumo Squat Walk
7. Sandbag Swing
8. Sandbag Bicep Curl to Overhead Press and Tricep Extension
9. Sandbag Snatch
10. Sandbag V-Ups