Ab, Push-up, Squat Challenge

I did the following program as my cardio today after I completed my lifting program. This was a great workout posted by Chris Lee, a friend on the Disavowed Rockers Facebook page. It was a great transition from my lifting circuits.  If you complete all 3 rounds of this workout, you will have done 300 abdominal exercises, 300 push-ups and 600 squats. The nice thing about this workout is you can do as many rounds as you like.  I did all three rounds, and my total time was 47:38. I did not take any breaks in between each of the rounds, but you modify to meet your needs. I modified a few of the exercises, so I will put in what I did, but give you the exercise that Chris had done.

Stopwatch Workout / 3 rounds  (I did all my squats with my 30 lb sandbag)

1) 10 V-Ups – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats

2) 10 Knees to side (right & Left = 1 rep) – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats
(Chris did Windshield Wipers – these are legs straight in air and dropping them to the right side, then up and to the left side)

3) 10 Hip Lifts  – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats
(I believe these are bent knee reverse crunch. I placed the 10 lb Ugi ball between my knees for the hip lifts)

4) 10 R. Side Plank Hip dip/Elbow tap L. – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats
(In a side plank position, left hand behind head.  Drop hip to floor, then up.  Hold and bend left elbow forward to tap floor)1 rep

5) 10 Feet Elevated Reverse Crunch – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats

6) 10 Slow Bicycles – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats
(For bicycles, perform them slowly. Right knee in then left knee in = 1 rep)

7) 10 Elevated Slow Mountain Climbers – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats

(I did these in a plank position w/my feet on the wall. You can use the floor, a chair, bench or table. Use what is available to you.)

8) 10 Single Leg Drop – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats
(Single Leg Drop – Hold legs straight in air, lower right leg down & up.  Then lower left leg down & up.  1Rep)

9) 10 Wall-ups – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats

(I did not know what Crawl out to worlds hardest was, so I threw in one of my hard ones.)

(Wall-ups – start 6 inches away from the wall with your hands on the floor and feet behind hands.  Hop feet back and onto the wall, then back down to the floor. The higher up the wall the harder it is.)

10) 10 L. Side Plank Hip dip/Elbow tap R. – 10 Push-ups – 20 Squats
(In a side plank position, right hand behind head. Drop hip to floor, then up. Hold and bend right elbow forward to tap floor)1 rep