Weekend Warrior HIIT Workout

I really enjoyed doing the upper body work the other day. I thought I would do a cardio HIIT for the first part and then throw in a bonus upper body super set circuit. The first part will be cardio legs with some upper body moves to get you ready for the bonus. You can hold a weight that is challenging enough for your body, but light enough that you can get through the entire minute of each move. You will get a 15 second rest before moving on to the next move. I have it in 3 sections. We will go through 1 round of each second and then repeat for a second time before moving on to the bonus. I will be using my 30 lb sandbag, 15 – 12 – 10 and 8 lb dumbbells and my steel bell. You use the equipment you have available to you, and work at your fitness level. Remember to take breaks when you need to.

The workout breakdown is below.

Group 1: Set timer for 15/1:00 6 rounds

1. Jumping Jack (Jack with swing, Seal Jack or Overhead Press Jack)
2. Side Lunge Right twist Overhead to Left Shoulder
3. Side Lunge Left twist Overhead to Right Shoulder
4. Burpee with Skier Swing
5. Curtsy Lunge with Dumbbell Curl
6. Alternate Reverse Lunge with Tricep Overhead Extension

Group 2: Set timer for 15/1:00 6 rounds

1. Sandbag Clean and Press to Plank Jack then V-hop Right then Left
2. Right Leg Deadlift to Knee up with Left Shoulder Press
3. Left Leg Deadlift to Knee Up with Right Shoulder Press
4. 4x Mountain Climbers/Push-up Burpee Tuck Jump
5. Alternate Side Lunge with Circle Around to Knee Lift/Plies Jump Squat
6. Manmaker

Group 3: Set timer for 15/1:00 6 rounds

1. Jack (w/Swing, Seal or Overhead Press)
2. Snatch Right/Hold Overhead – Kneel Down/Up (Left – Right)  – Circle weight around Bicep Curl then Step Out Wide Right Squat to Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge
3. Snatch Left/Hold Overhead – Kneel Down/Up (Right – Left) – Circle weight around Bicep Curl then Step Out Wide Left Squat to Left Reverse Cross Over Lunge
4. “T” Raise Push-up
5. (Side You’re on) Left Reverse Lunge to Kick Front Switch Lunge/Round House Kick to Plies Jump Squat
6. Alternate Side Lunge to Front Lunge to Jump Switch Lunge

(Repeat all 3 parts 1 more time)

Bonus: Arms 10/30 3 rounds each group before moving to next

1a. Renegade Row
1b. 4x Row to Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press

2a. Bicep Curl to Twist & Punch forward at chest
2b. Single Arm Overhead Press

3a. Wide Curl to Press Out to Side and Lower down
3b. Side Raise – Touch Front (palms face each other) Back to Side and Down

4a. Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
4b. Bend at Waist – Hands at Armpits and punch to sides

5a. Tricep Kickback
5b. Tricep Overhead Extension



The Arms and Abs HIIT Workout

I wanted to focus on the arms today. I have done a lot of workouts lately that target the lower body. I thought I would make the upper body the main focus and throw legs in as a finisher. Just because it’s the upper body doesn’t mean that it will be easy. We are going to do groups of three exercises that target a muscle group. Then move on to some abdominal moves. We will do this for 8 groups.

All that you really need is a pair of dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use kettlebells, a medicine ball, sandbag or whatever you have available to you. Remember to work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

Group 1: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Shoulder Press
2. Up-Right Row
3. Side Shoulder Rais

Group 2: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Jump Rope
2. Hovering Star Crunch
3. Kneeling – Hover Knees off Ground

Group 3: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Row
2. Wide Bicep Curl
3. Close Bicep Curl

Group 4: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Jump Rope
2. Plank Touch Opposite Hand to Foot
3. Stability Ball Roll in (Knee Crunch)

Group 5: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Dive Bomber
2. Close Grip Pull-over with Close Grip Press
3. Frog Hop to 1 Hand Push-up on Ball

Group 6: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Jump Rope
2. Right Side Plank – Elbow to Floor
3. Left Side Plank – Elbow to Floor

Group 7: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Dips with Crab Dance
2. Dumbbell Kickback
3. Overhead Tricep Extension

Group 8: 10/40 9 rounds
1. Jump Rope
2. Right Leg Down Dog – Pull Knee in to Elbow
3. Left Leg Down Dog – Pull Knee in to Elbow

Finisher: 1st round – 1:00, 2nd round – :45, 3rd round – :30, 4th round – :15
1. Goblet Squat
2. Squat Touch Opposite Hand to Foot
3. Side to Side Jump Lunge touch ground
4. Snatch – Hold Overhead – Kneel Down/Up – Hold at shoulder Side Squat to Reverse Cross Over Lunge
5. Walking Angled Side Front Lunge
6. Sumo Squat to Alternating Side Lunge





Olivia’s Squat & Lunge Attack HIIT Workout

I had a request from Olivia, one of my subscribers and loyal followers. She wanted to know if I would do a lunge and squat focused workout. So today I will focus on the lower body, but there are a handful of exercises in there that will hit the abdominals and a little upper body as well.

The exercises can all be done on the floor or on a box, BOSU Ball or bench. If you don’t have one that is alright. The moves all work from the floor, and you will still feel it. Feel free to use weights if you want to make it a little more challenging. I will show you the exercise modifications for each exercise as we go through. Remember to work at your level, and take breaks when you need to.

The workout breakdown is below. I do have my 18″ box, BOSU Ball, Ugi Ball, Steel bell, 12 and 20 lb Kettle bell and my 30 lb sandbag.

Part 1: Set timer 15/1:00 3 rounds

1. (Weight in Front on Floor) Squat Down & Flip Bag to Right Shoulder/Hold/ Left Reverse Lunge/Squat & Lower bag to Floor/Wide Jump Squat to Close. Squat & repeat to Left Shoulder

2. Drop Squat/Catch ball in low squat/Hold/tap ball to right then left/Hop to plank then hop in & up. Repeat

3. Burpee with Front Cross Jump Lunge

4. Right Side Lunge to Right Leg Step up to bench & Left Knee Up. Down Repeat

5. Right Side Lunge to Kick Right Leg Front

6. Left Side Lunge to Left Leg Step up to bench & Right Knee Up. Down Repeat

7. Left Side Lunge to Kick Left Leg Front

8. Burpee Heel Click Jack

9. Right Front Lunge (Weight on Right Shoulder)/Hold/Press weight over to left shoulder/Left Reverse Lunge. Repeat with Left Front Lunge

10. 2x Side Wide Squat to Right w/Left Up-right row – Right Side Lunge & pass weight between right leg. Repeat going left

11. 4x Duck Walk Burpee – Hop to Plank – Hop in & up to turn. Hop feet to ball (no ball – Walk out to plank) Push-up – Hop feet back in & 2x Low pulse squat. Repeat

Part 2: Set Timer 10/50 3 rounds

1. 4x Squat w/Alternating Front Kick – 4x Squat tap opposite hand to foot
2. Right Kettlebell Clean/Hold/Squat & Press
3. Right Single Leg Balance Squat with Shoulder Press
4. Plank Tap Opposite hand to foot
5. Right Turkish Get up
6. Right Side Kettlebell Windmill
7. Step Out Wide Squat Kettlebell Swing
8. Left Kettlebell Clean/Hold/Squat & Press
9. Left Single Leg Balance Squat with Shoulder Press
10. Kneel Down/Up – Step out wide squat pulse 3x & Reverse Cross Over lunge pulse 3x
11. Left Turkish Get up
12. Left Side Kettlebell Windmill

Part 3: Abdominals 10/40 3 rounds

1. Plank Knee Tuck Right then Left to Press Back Pike tap opposite hand to foot
2. Bird Dog Right Leg/Left Elbow
3. Bird Dog Left Leg/Right Elbow
4. Plank Saw Front & Back
5. Plank Right Leg to Side Tap & tap right foot on top of left
6. Plank Left Leg to Side Tap & tap left foot on top of right



Strength and Cardio HIIT Workout

I am getting a lot of chatter on my Youtube channel about different workouts. Daniela asked if I could do another workout like the format for the “Don’t Touch Me I’m Sweaty” Workout. I love when people ask for stuff because I know they are doing the workouts. And if you know this workout, then you know that it is not an easy one. I upped the crazy factor in this workout. During the intervals for the cardio move, I have you doing a strength based move for the 15 second rest period. You don’t need to do this, but if you would like to challenge yourself a little more, then keep moving along with me during the 15 second break. Remember, you can take breaks when you need to. Always work at your fitness level, but make sure you push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. You need to push a little harder if you want to make changes.

The workout breakdown is below. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 15, 12, and 10 lb dumbbells, 20 lb kettlebell, 10 lb Steel bell, 18″ box and Stability Ball. I will show you the modified moves for each exercise. No need to worry if you don’t have certain pieces of equipment. Many of my subscribers have different pieces of equipment and I like to show how each one can be used for the moves. I have also thrown in a BOSU Ball Bonus. You don’t have to do it on the same day, but if you want to it will be at the end of the video.

Part 1: You will be doing the first move for a set number of repetitions.
Then Set timer for :15/:45 4 rounds (you will do all of them before moving on to next number)

1. Stability Ball Hand Off to V-Up                                                                          15x
Shoulder Press (:15)/Skier Swings (:45)

2. Squat Weight to Side to Up-Right Row                                                              20x
Twisted Side Raise (:15)/Seal Jack Touch Hand to opposite foot (:45)

3. Right Side Lunge to Right X-Over Lunge                                                           20x
Right Arm Shoulder Press (:15)/Right Arm Burpee Chair Sit Front Raise (:45)

4. Left Side Lunge to Left X-Over Lunge                                                                20x
Left Arm Shoulder Press (:15)/Left Arm Burpee Chair Sit Front Raise (:45)

5. Right Leg Step Up to Bench with Left Knee up – Down & Reverse Lunge        20x
Dips (:15)/Reverse Lunge – Kick Front then back & Jump Switch Lunge (:45)

6. Left Leg Step Up to Bench with Right Knee up – Down & Reverse Lunge        20x
(:15) Bench Push-up/(:45) 2x Jump Lunge to Box Jump Burpee

7. Sumo Squat with Alternating Knee Lifts                                                              20x
(:15) Bicep Curl/(:45) Surfer Burpee to Jump Tuck

8. Sandbag Clean & Press                                                                                      20x
(:15) Kickbacks/(:45) 2x Overhead Jump Lunge/2x Overhead Press with Jumping Jack

9. Push-up to Opposite Arm & Leg Lift                                                                    20x
(:15) Around the World Right/(:45) Low Broad Jump Burpee

10. 3x Plies Pulse to Plies Jump Squat/Hold/Side Lunge right then left                 20x
(:15)j Around the World Left/(:45) Side to Side Jump Lunge touch ground

Part 2: BOSU Ball Bonus :15/1:00 2 rounds

1. (Top of BOSU) Kneel Down then Squat Out to Right Side then Left (Repeat)
2. (Top of BOSU) Low Squat – Hold – Bicep Curl Reverse Lunge right then left -back to squat
3. Right Side of BOSU – Hold weight in Right Hand & hop into plank/Left hand on BOSU and Right hand on Dumbbell/Right Dumbbell Row – hop in & up
4. (Top of BOSU) Stand & Shoulder Press Right then Leftr
5. Left Side of BOSU – Hold weight in Left Hand & hop into Plank/Right hand on BOSU and Left hand on Dumbbell/Left Dumbbell Row – hop in & up
6. (Balance on BOSU – Ball down) Side Raise Out – Touch in Front of Chest – Back out to Side then down
7. Toe Tap to BOSU (Either on top & tap to sides or Straddle BOSU)
8. Squat Down to BOSU – Roll back on BOSU – Up to Squat & Press Overhead
9. Burpee BOSU Push-up/4x Strict Mountain Climbers
10. (Top of BOSU) Squat & Alternate Wood Chop

Ab Finisher: 1:00 4 rounds

1. Plank – Feet on BOSU – Bend Knees toward floor (Alternate)
2. Plank – Feet on BOSU – Pull Knee to Opposite Elbow with Twist
3. Lower Back Against BOSU – Pelvic Tilt
4. (Lay on top of BOSU) Alternating Leg Lift – Twist Opposite Arm to Leg




Did Someone Say Inner Thighs HIIT Workout Video

So it seems that some of the subscribers need a little more in the inner thigh area. Well have I got the burnout for you. After we do a few rounds of Cardio HIIT, we will finish it off with some targeted thigh work. There is not much equipment needed for this workout today. You can get away with just a box or bench or the BOSU Ball. If you don’t have any of those, no worries, everything can be done on the floor. Remember to work at your fitness level and take breaks when you need to.

The breakdown is below.

Part 1: Set timer for 10/50 3 rounds

1. 2x Toe Tap on BOSU to Side Turn Jump Squat
2. V-Up on BOSU
3. Broad Jump Burpee – 4x Duck Walk Back
4. Seal Jacks (Touch Ground with Opposite Hand) Feet Wide
5. (Feet Elevated) Plank Toe Touch Opposite Hand to Opposite Foot
6. 10x Mountain Climbers/5x Frog Hops
7. Yoga Push-up
8. (Feet Elevated) 2x Plank Jack/Elbow Plank Down – Up/Hold/Toe Tap right then left
9. Ski Hop Right then Left to Sandbag Clean & Press
10. Hovering Star Crunch

Part 2: 1:00/:45/:30 3 rounds (do all 3 before moving on to next exercise)

1. Sumo Squat (Tap foot in to other foot)/Plies Hold down & Pulse/Plies Pulse Up
2. Sumo Squat to Right Lunge/Hold Right Lunge 2x down & 2x up/Pulse Down
3. Sumo Squat to Left Lunge/Hold Left Lunge 2x down & 2x up/Pulse Down
4. Squat/Thigh Burner/Pulse Up from down position
5. Plies Jump Squat to Plank/Squat to Curtsy Lunge/Squat to Alternate Side Lift
6. Bridge Lift Up & Out/Hold Up & Pulse Out/Hold Up & Out Pulse