Ass on Fire Workout


There are three parts to this workout today. I went through all the rounds in each part without taking a break, because we get a break in between each part. Remember to always work at your level. If you need to take breaks between rounds, just pause the video until you are ready to start. Make sure you push yourself though. You need to feel a little uncomfortable when you are working out, so step out of that comfort zone and push yourself a bit. I used my 18″ box, 25 lb barbell, and 30 lb Sandbag. The breakdown is below.

Part 1: 10/50 12 rounds
1. Prisoner Squat Low Broad Jump Burpee
2. Walking or Front Lunge Elbow to Knee
3. Pull-up or Row
4. Alternating Step Up with Side Leg Lift

Part 2: 10/50 12 rounds
1. V-hop Right then Left/Hold Push-up/Hop up to Star Jack
2. Squat Round House Kick Right over Box/Squat/Step back to Reverse Lunge
3. Squat Round House Kick Left over Box/Squat/Step back to Reverse Lunge
4. Alternating Step Up with Glute Lift

Part 3: 10/30 18 rounds
1. 2x Bar Overhead Jump Lunge/2x Jumping Jack with Overhead Press
2. Crouching Push-up to Push Back
3. Side to Side Jump Lunge (Touch the ground)
4. Squat Jumps (Touch Floor when feet are wide)
5. Squat Thrust/Hold/Hop in feet wide Alternate Reaching 1 arm to floor and other to Ceiling
6. Burpee to Squat with Alternating Up-right Row
(I forgot exercise Number 5 in the video.  If you are following me, we throw it in at the end. If you are doing it on your own, you can put it in the right place. Sorry.)



Toned Tush and Tight Abs Workout

Alright, I was only planning on three rounds of this workout today, but I had lots of energy.  I love early mornings. The boys had to be up for a school function really early this morning, so I figured since I was up I would do my workout. I had planned on just three rounds, but felt so good I decided to do four rounds. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 20 lb kettlebell, 8 & 10 lb dumbbells and my disc slides (optional). Remember to work at your level and take breaks when you need them. The break down is below.

Set your timer for 10 second rest and 30 second work. I did 4 rounds, but you do what is comfortable for your fitness level. I also did an arm finisher at the end. I used the 20 second work and no rest, and completed 3 rounds.

Part 1: 10/30 4 rounds

1. Weighted Squat with Alternating Glute Lift
2. Right Leg – Three Legged Down Dog to Plank Knee Drive
3. High Step Glute Lift
4. Left Leg – Three Legged Down Dog to Plank Knee Drive
5. Jump Lunge
6. Walk Out to Push-up
7. Plies Squat Jump
8. Russian Twist with Overhead Press
9. Plies Squat Pulse
10. Supine Twisted Touch (Pull weight to opposite foot)
11. Right Reverse Bench Lunge to Right Knee Lift (Out to Side)
12. Right Leg Slide over to Left and Rotate to Right Side Plank Twist
13. Left Reverse Bench Lunge to Left Knee Lift (Out to Side)
14. Left Leg Slide over to Right and Rotate to Left Side Plank Twist
15. Right Leg Bridge Lift (Left in Air)
16. Left Leg Bridge Lift (Right in Air)
17. Weighted Roll-up – drop weight to right side and roll over left shoulder to side plank hip dip
18. Weighted Roll-up – drop weight to left side and roll over right shoulder to side plank hip dip

Bonus: Upper Body Finisher 20 seconds work/no rest for 3 rounds

1. Right Side Arm Lateral Raise/Left Arm Side Lateral Raise/Both Overhead Press
2. Right Arm Overhead Press/Left Arm Overhead Press/Both Side Lateral Raise
3. Bent Over Row/Bent Over Flye/Side Lateral to Circle Overhead Press
4. Bicep Curl/Tricep Kickback (or overhead extension)/Up-right Row
5. Close Push-up/Dips/Wide Right Push-up to close push-up & Wide Left Push-up to close push-up



You Spin Me Round Workout

Today was a long workout. My workout is my alone time. I don’t sit and read or shop, I like to work out. I spend an hour on me, and then the rest of my day is spent on the family, friends, neighbors and our dog. I like to get at least an hour for myself. Some people like to get up and read the paper and drink coffee or tea. I like to get up and kick my butt. My workouts are my coffee. They get me moving and make me feel good so that I can go all day long. You don’t need an hour to do this workout. If you only have 20 minutes, you can do 2 rounds of the exercises. Just make sure you are using a heavy enough weight to work your body. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 25 lb plate, 20 lb Kettlebell and my stability ball. Use whatever weight feels most comfortable for you and work in your comfort zone.

Set your timer for stopwatch. We will go through part 1 four times, and then move on to the bonus abdominals for 2 rounds.

Part 1: 4 rounds/10x each
1. Rotational Sandbag Reverse Lunge/Clean/Twist and Press Overhead to Left
2. Dive Bomber with Plank Knee Drive Right then Left
3. Rotational Sandbag Reverse Lunge/Clean/Twist and Press Overhead to Right
4. Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension
5. Rotational Sandbag to Outside Right Knee/Clean & Hold/Left Side Lunge
6. Weight Shoulder to Shoulder Press
7. Rotational Sandbag to Outside Left Knee/Clean & Hold/Right Side Lunge
8. Stability Ball Hand Off
9. Overhead Walking Lunges (or Stationary Front Lunges)
10. Alternate Reverse Lunge to Around the World

Bonus: Abdominals 2 rounds/12x each
1. Bird Dog Right Elbow/Rotate to Left Side Plank & Hold Right Knee Crunch
2. Bird Dog Left Elbow/Rotate to Right Side Plank & Hold Left Knee Crunch
3. V-Up Hover/Roll-over to Frog Hop (Feet close to hands)
4. Right Leg Up to Down Dog Glute Squeeze/Pull forward Plank Knee Drive
5. Left Leg Up to Down Dog Glute Squeeze/Pull Forward Plank Knee Drive



Working For Change Workout


I like this workout because you can do it with just body weight, or you can do weights to push yourself a little harder. Some of the moves are combination moves so it is not about the speed of the workout, but focusing on the muscles you are using. If you have access to weights you can use them, but it is not necessary. I had a 12 lb kettlebell and 8 lb dumbbells.

The workout breakdown is below. It is 11 exercises for 3 rounds with 10 second rest and 50 second work.

1. Right Side Lunge to Right Cross Over Lunge & Kick to Side
2. Plie Squat/Twist to Right Reverse Lunge/Plie Squat/Twist to Left Reverse Lunge
3. Left Side Lunge to Left Cross Over Lunge & Kick to Side
4. 2x Walking Plank Cross Hand Walk Over to Push-up
5. Jump Squat w/180 Degree Hop to Burpee
6. Alternating Plank Ski Hop Twisting Hip Dip (Drop hip to Floor)
7. V-Up
8. Jumping Jack with Overhead Press
9. “T” Raise Push-up
10. Right Side Plank Hip Dip to Overhead Arm Extended
11. Left Side Plank Hip Dip to Overhead Arm Extended




Burn Baby Workout


I know a lot of people don’t like to workout. They do it because they have to. I love to workout, and I love trying new challenging workouts. I get tired of doing the same thing. Whether it’s the same exercises with a different order, or the same work and rest time. I thought I would change it up today. There are two parts to the workout. The first part will be the 20 second work with no break, and we will go through it 2 times. Then we will do part two. It is a cardio tone, and we will perform each exercise for a minute with no rest in between. We will do two rounds before we return to part one again. We go back to part one for one more round, and then finish up with one more round of part two. The workout breakdown is below. I used my 18″ Box, 5 lbs dumbbells, my 12 lb kettlebell and my 30 lb sandbag. You can do the entire workout without any of this equipment. Work at your level.

Part 1: 20 second work, no rest for 2 rounds (then back for 1 more round)
1. Right Leg Bench – Left Side Lift out/Right Leg Single leg Squat/Right Leg Single Leg Squat Pulse
2. Left Leg Bench – Right Side Lift out/Left Leg Single Leg Squat/Left Leg Single Leg Squat Pulse
3. Right Side Plank Reach Under/Right Side Plank Reach Over head/Hold Right Side Plank
4. Left Side Plank Reach Under/Left Side Plank Reach Over head/Hold Left Side Plank
5. Runners Stomp Right/Step Up Left – Right Glute Lift/Hold Up & Pulse Right Leg
6. Runners Stomp Left/Step Up Right – Left Glute Lift/Hold Up & Pulse Left Leg

Part 2: 1:00 Work, no rest for 2 rounds (then back for 1 more round)
1. Squat Low/2x High Knee Jog
2. Up/Down Elbow Plank – Stay down & Hip Dip Right then Left
3. Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge -weight outside of left knee & around the world
4. Left Reverse Cross Over Lunge – weight outside of right knee & around the world
5. Criss Cross Feet Glute Lift
6. Push-up/Drag Bag Under Chest/Rotate to Side Plank
7. Skater to Front Lunge
8. (Kneeling) Down/Up/Hold Low Squat 3x Pulse up
9. Crab Dance Right then Left/Hold & extend arm over head to 3 legged table top (Repeat Crab Dance with that arm)
10. Side/Front Lunge to Burpee
11. Hop Out Wide then feet in/Drop to Pike & Donkey Kick