Michele’s 12 by 12 Workout


I know I chopped my head off in the video. I wasn’t waiting until I could record again so you just don’t get to see my face when I’m standing.

It has been a while since I posted. The weather has not been very cooperative. It has been down right cold, and I don’t want to work outside when it is that cold. I have been doing my workouts at the gym. This is one of the new ones I came up with at the gym the other day. It is nice because you don’t need a lot of space to do it, nor do you need a lot of equipment. I am, however, using a new piece of equipment. It is the Hyperwear Steel Bell. We are going away for Spring Break, and we will be flying so I can’t really take my sandbag. I thought this little gem would be easy to take on the plane. The one I bought is 10 lbs. They have different sizes to chose from depending on your needs. I will attach a link at the bottom of the page for the Hyperwear site, as well as, the Amazon site. I bought mine on Amazon because we have Prime which means we get free shipping, and it comes in 2 days.

The workout consists of 12 exercises that are done for 12 repetitions, and I went through it 3 times. I also threw in a bonus butt workout at the end. You work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. The breakdown is below.

Set your timer for Stopwatch, and complete 3 rounds for time.

1. Burpee with a Push-up to Chair Sit and Shoulder Raise                            12x
2. Plank Knee Drive (Right and Left = 1 rep.)                                                 12x
3. Right Reverse X-over Lunge to Right Side Lunge                                      12x
4. Left Reverse X-over Lunge to Left Side Lunge                                           12x
5. Dive Bombers                                                                                              12x
6. Criss Cross Jacks                                                                                        12x
7. Oblique Mountain Climbers                                                                         12x
8. Stagger Hand Push-up to Push Back                                                          12x
9. V-up                                                                                                              12x
10. Plank Jacks                                                                                                12x
11. Alternate Reverse Lunge to Arm Swing Overhead                                     12x
12. Dip with Dancing Crab                                                                                12x


Bonus: Set timer for Stopwatch, and complete 2 rounds for time

1. Glute Bridge on BOSU Ball or bench Pulse Legs Out                           40x
2. Glute Raise on BOSU Ball or Bench                                                     30x
3. Squat Down to Bench or Ball/Extend Legs Out
Back in and Stand up Shoulder Press                                                       20x
4. Plank Down/Up to “T” Raise                                                                  10x

Hyperwear Link: Steelbell

Amazon Link: Steelbell