The Continual Movement Kettlebell Workout


I used my 20 lb. Kettlebell for the first part of this workout. Choose a weight that you can handle for the entire workout. The second part of the workout is a way to be creative with your kettlebells. If you are anything like me you only have one kettlebell in the pound range. I don’t treat my kettlebells like dumbbells, so I don’t have two of every size. It is very costly and takes up way too much space at this point.  If you use a towel like I show you in my video, you will get way more use out of your kettlebells. The first part of my workout is a 10 second rest and 40 second work. There are 10 exercises, and I did the workout three times through. For the second part of the workout, I used different sized kettlebells and a towel. You can do this if you don’t have a sandbag or any other equipment for strength moves. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1:  :10 rest/ :40 work  10 rounds for 3 times

1. Right Hand Kettlebell Swing
2. Two Hand Kettlebell Swing
3. Left Hand Kettlebell Swing
4. Side to Side 1 Handed Push-up on Kettlebell
5. Halo Squat Alternate Sides
6. Around the Waist Right
7. Around the Waist Left
8. Side Lunge Figure 8
9. Kettlebell Snatch Right
10. Kettlebell Snatch Left

Part 2:  :10 rest/ :30 work  24 rounds

1. Bicep Curl
2. Tricep Extension
3. One Legged Right Arm Row
4. One Legged Left Arm Row
5. Quick Draw Right
6. Quick Draw Left


My Review of the Gym Boss Timer App


I was away this weekend and my Gym Boss Timer stopped working on me. This is the new one that I bought back in September. I had my old one as a back-up. It doesn’t help you if you are planning on doing more than two intervals, which I was. I had my jump rope and sandbag and was all ready to do some serious sweating. I was so upset when I unpacked and it was frozen on the interval screen. I tried rebooting and even taking the battery out, but it just wouldn’t work. I am tired of spending $27 and change on a new timer every six months, so I hit the I-tunes store and started researching timers for my phone. I downloaded several free timer applications. But for what I expected of my timer that would require an upgrade and money. Money I was not willing to invest until I saw that it did what I wanted. I went back to the ones on my phone that I had downloaded a while back. One was the Gym Boss App. I started fiddling with it and realized that it did what the new mini timer did. I could create several workouts with several interval options, and all could be in one workout. I was set for the next morning. The Spa’s fitness facility didn’t open until 8 a.m. so I was forced to do my warm-up workout on the deck by the pool. I was worried that the beep on the phone would not be loud enough, but by all the people hanging out on their balconies watching me work out, it proved to be loud enough to hear in a noisy gym without any problem. The above video is my review, and a detailed explanation on how to program your timer.



Kill the Rabbit Workout


Technology is just not my friend. I did my video this morning, but the second part is not on there. Apparently my camera battery died during the workout and I didn’t realize it until I went to upload the video. So “my” battery life is longer than my video camera’s battery life. No big surprise there! My workout for today is a couplet workout. The first exercise in each couplet is the cardio move, and the second exercise is the strength move. I did :50/:40/:10 for 4 rounds. That was for each couplet, and there are 5 couplets. I said in the video it is a 20 minute workout, but I can’t add. It’s a 30 minute workout! I used my 20 lb. and 12 lb. Kettlebells, a step bench, 15 lb. and 10 lb. dumbbells. You use a weight that feels comfortable, but challenging. If you are a beginner, you can leave out the weight and the jumps. Work in your comfort zone. The workout breakdown is below.

Group 1:
1. Squat Hop to Bench w/2x Plank Jacks
2. Dive Bombers w/Cross Over Knee Drive Right then Left

Group 2:
3. 4x Dynamic Squat w/2x Walking Push-ups
4. Manmakers w/Push-up

Group 3:
5. Super Frogger
6. Low Squat Wood Chop Left

Group 4:
7. Side Lunge Hop touch Ground
8. Low Squat Wood Chop Right

Group 5:
9. Kettlebell Up & Over/ Hop turn to Burpee Push-up
10. “T” Raise Push-up



Walking on Sunshine Workout


I did this workout today because I had to enjoy our sunshine. There is rain in the forecast for the next few days. The workout consists of 11 exercises, and I will be going through the workout 3 times with a break between each round. I used my 10 lb. Ugi ball and a step bench for the workout. You can use any weight that you feel comfortable using, and anything you can step up to. Set your timer for :10 rest/ :50 work and 11 rounds. If you want to work straight through without a break between the rounds, you will set it for 33 rounds. Remember to work at your fitness level. Take breaks when you feel you need to, otherwise push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t push to the point of pain or injury, just until it’s uncomfortable. You can also click “play” above and follow along with me. The workout breakdown is below.

1. Criss Cross Jacks 5x’s/ Jump Lunges 5x’s
2. Shoulder Tap Push-ups
3. Right Leg Stagger Squat on Step to Knee Drive
4. Left Leg Stagger Squat on Step to Knee Drive
5. Alternate Up Down Plank/ Ski Hop Right then Left
6. Leg Raises off Ball (or Bench)
7. Alternate Kneeling Down then Up to Low Squat
8. Plank Jacks
9. Right Leg Walk Out to Push-up
10. Left Leg Walk Out to Push-up
11. Toe Tap Straddle Ball or Step



No Stopping Me Now Workout


I haven’t used my jump rope in a while so I thought I would incorporate it into the workout. I like doing that so much better than doing all the jump rope at the end of the workout. You can do it either way. I just prefer this way because it breaks up the workout and seems to go by quicker. I have a couple new exercises in the workout. They are familiar exercises with a little twist on them. As always, work at your fitness level. If you need to, drop the weight or don’t use any at all. I have the workout breakdown below. You can copy it down and do it later, or hit play and follow along with me. I used my 30 lb. sandbag, a 20 lb. and 12 lb. Kettlebell, my jump rope and a low step. There are 12 exercises and in between each exercise we will jump rope. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can jog in place or do jumping jacks. My timer is set for :10 rest/ :40 work/ :10 rest/ :40 work and 24 rounds. That is 2 times through the entire workout.  The first 40 seconds is for the exercise and the second 40 seconds is for jumping rope.

You will Jump Rope in between each exercise before moving on to the next one.

1. Super Frogger (pass kettlebell between legs)
2. Sandbag Clean & Press/ Hold overhead/ Reverse Lunge right then left
3. Reverse Lunge Right to Overhead Side Lunge Right
4. Reverse Lunge Left to Overhead Side Lunge Left
5. Low Squat with Overhead Press
6. Elevated Push-up
7. Mermaid Right
8. Mermaid Left
9. Dip with Dancing Crab
10. Alternate Toe Touch Sit-up
11. Side Plank Hip Raise Right
12. Side Plank Hip Raise Left