The 400 Rep Workout Video


I wanted to do one of my older posts that didn’t have a video to go along with it. All you need is a heavy set of dumbbells and a bench or step to step up to. There were 10 exercises in the workout, and I did 10 repetitions of each exercises four times through. If you are a beginner work at your own pace and take breaks when you feel the need. If the weight becomes too heavy lower it down and continue with the exercise. You can take a break in between each round. Do what feels comfortable for you. The workout breakdown is below. You can copy it down or just hit play and follow along with me.


Set your timer to stop watch.

1. Right Cross Over Step Up Left Knee Lift and down to Right Reverse Lunge       10x

2. Left Cross Over Step Up Right Knee Lift and down to Left Reverse Lunge         10x

3. Walk Out Plank to Superman Right then Left                                                       10x

4. Renegade Row with Manmakers                                                                          10x

5. Runner’s Stomp Right                                                                                           10x

6. Alternating Side V-Up Crunch                                                                               10x

7. Runner’s Stomp Left                                                                                              10x

8. Crunch off Side of Bench                                                                                       10x

9. Dive Bombers                                                                                                        10x

10. Dips w/Dancing Crab                                                                                           10x

Repeat workout 3 more times.






Killer Kettlebell Workout


You can tell by my exercise attire that it is getting warmer out. I had only planned on going through the workout two times, but it was warm and I felt good so I pushed through for three rounds. You do what feels comfortable for your level. If you need to take a break in between each round then pause the video. Just press play when you are ready to continue. Try not to take more than a minute or two break in between each round. All you will need for this workout is a weight that is comfortable enough to get through all the moves. If it begins to get heavy, then lower the weight and keep going. I am using my 15 lb. kettlebell.  I probably could have used a little heavier, but I really wanted to focus on the muscles being worked. Don’t sacrifice form for more weight or repetitions. Try to focus on the muscles being worked. Below is the workout breakdown.


1. Figure 8 Squat w/Alternating Leg Lifts                                                  30x

2. Right Leg Reverse Static Lunge                                                           20x

3. Right Leg Stagger Squat                                                                      10x

4. Right Arm Kettlebell Swing                                                                    20x

5. Right Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press                                                      10x

6. Figure 8 Squat w/ Alternating Leg Lifts                                                 30x

7. Left Leg Reverse Static Lunge                                                              20x

8. Left Leg Stagger Squat                                                                         10x

9. Left Arm Kettlebell Swing                                                                       20x

10. Left Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press                                                        10x

Repeat 2 more times.




No Excuses Workout


It is going to be a gorgeous day today. We are supposed to hit 75 degrees. I will take it. I wanted to do another couplet workout today. I like switching up the exercises and moving around. This workout can be done with or without equipment. You don’t even need a jump rope. You can do a high knee jog or jumping jacks, just work at your level. I did the workout two times through. If you are a beginner, you might want to pause and take a break between the first and second rounds. Do what feels comfortable to you. Below is the workout breakdown.

Part 1:  :10 rest/ :30 work   6 rounds

1. Sandbag Sumo Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift

2. Plank Knee Touch (Tap hand to knee)


Jump Rope   :5 rest/ :25 work    6 rounds


Part 2:  :10 rest/ :30 work   6 rounds

3. Squat w/Alternating Front Kick

4. Plank V Jump Right then Left then 2x’s Plank Jack


Jump Rope   :5 rest/ :25 work   6 rounds


Part 3:  :10 rest/ :30 work   6 rounds

5. Sandbag Swing

6. Jump Lunges


Jump Rope   :5 rest/ :25 work   6 rounds


Repeat the workout one more time through.



Drop it Like it’s Hot Workout Video


I recorded another workout today from a previous post that never had a recorded video. I am trying to get caught up on those. I forgot how hard some of those workouts really were. I talked at the beginning of my video about the supplements that I take. I don’t take too many things. I do a Branched Chain Amino Acid and Glumatic Powder from Nutrishop. They are my two favorite pre-workout supplements. The only other thing I do regularly is a fruit and spinach protein shake after my workout. I have tried a lot of supplements over the years and I know what works for my body. Everybody’s body is different so you must find what works for you. The hardest time for me to be motivated is when it’s cold outside. I am not a coffee drinker, so I might reach for a caffeine pill to get me started.  I am the type of individual that hops out of bed in the morning and is ready to go. But I am also the type of person that crashes at the end of the night, and I am out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Below is the workout breakdown. I used my 10 lb. Ugi Ball. A medicine ball works well, or no weight at all depending on your level. The workout is set up up for a :15 rest and 1:00 work for 30 rounds. If you are a beginner, you may want to go through the workout one time, or you may want to take a break between the 3 rounds. You do what is comfortable for you. Take breaks when you need them, and work in your comfort zone.

1) Frog Hop

2) Drop Squats

3) Right Leg Walk Out to Push-up

4) Left Leg Walk Out to Push-up

5) Froggers

6) Runner’s Stomp Right

7) Runner’s Stomp Left

8) Plank Down Up

9) Thigh Burner

10) Egg Drop Jump Lunge Combo




The Sweat Fest Workout Video


The workout that I did today is from an older post. I had everything written down and video clips of the exercises, but no full video workout. I have a list of these workouts that I don’t have videos for, and need to record them. I spent the weekend making homemade Chicken Stock for my Chicken Noodle Soup today. I did not have time to come up with a new workout, so it was a perfect day for me to revisit one of these older workouts. These workouts can be very challenging. Work at your own pace, and take breaks when you need to. There are three parts to the original workout, and then I threw in a bonus section just to make it crazy. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1: Set timer to 5:00 countdown

Runner Hop Clean & Press Combo
8x Strict Mountain Climbers. Hop feet to right then plank then left and plank. Hop feet in to bag. Hold and do a Clean & Press. Lower bag and repeat.


Part 2: Set timer for 4 rounds each for 1:00/:45/:30/:15

1) Right Side Plank Hip Dip to Left Leg Kick Out

2) Glute Lift

3) Left Side Plank Hip Dip to Right Leg Kick Out

4) Plank Hip Raises


Part 3: Set timer to 5:00 countdown

Kneeling Sandbag Clean to Low Squat Combo

In a kneeling position, grab bag & roll to chest. Come up to low squat position right then left. Hold and step out to right low squat then in and then left low squat and in. Lower bag to floor and back to kneeling position. Repeat starting with the left foot.


Bonus: Set timer to 5:00 countdown

Warrior Gauntlet

In low squat position, roll back with feet overhead. Roll feet forward and place hands on mat. Hop feet back into a plank and do 2 Push-ups. Hop feet in and broad jump forward. Grab bag and do a Clean & Press. Hop back and repeat.