Don’t Stop Workout


It was rainy and dreary here today, but I powered through my workout and felt great afterwards. I wanted a total body workout to start the week. It was too slippery on the floor to do any major jumping, so I stuck to my mat for all the exercises. I hit all the major body parts, and feel ready to take on the week. The workout consists of 10 exercises. I did them 3 full times through with a 10 second break and 50 second work. Work at your pace and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

1) Low Squat w/Alternating Step up to Bench

2) Frog Hop Push-up to Sandbag Drag

3) Alternating Toe Touch Sit-up

4) 3x’s Low Plie Pulse to Hop up

5) Dumbbell Plank Row

6) Dips

7) Sumo Squat/ Step Feet together touching Opposite heel to foot

8) Side to Side Knees

9) Ugi Plank Down Up then Side Toe Tap Right then Left

10) Surfer Pulse Jump




Remember My Name Workout


I don’t know how it happened, but I missed posting a workout. I was cleaning up the computer the other day, because I needed  to make room for new videos. I came across this one that never got posted. I watched it because it didn’t look familiar to me. It looks like a tough workout. I need to go back and do this one again. I think it will be my Tuesday workout. You will need a jump rope to do the first 2 minutes of each part. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can do jumping jacks or high knees. I used a 30 lb. sandbag for my lift, but you can use a medicine ball or dumbbells, whatever you have available to you. I also used a stability ball for the abdominal exercises. The workout breakdown is below.


Part 1: Set you timer for stopwatch and perform 1 round

Jump Rope                                                                                              2:00

1) Push-up to a Clean & Press                                                                10x

2) Broad Jump/ Push-up to Squat w/Alternating Leg Lift                         10x

3) Stir the Pot (Right)                                                                               10x

4) Crab Dance to Alternating 1 Legged Push-up                                     10x

Part 2: Set timer for stopwatch and perform 1 round

Jump Rope                                                                                              2:00

1) Squat w/Alternating Rear Leg Raise                                                    20x

2) Runner’s Stomp Right                                                                          20x

3) Runner’s Stomp Left                                                                            20x

4) Glute Lift                                                                                              50x

5) Stagger Squat Right                                                                            15x

6) Stagger Squat Left                                                                              15x


Part 3: Set timer for stopwatch and perform 1 round

Jump Rope                                                                                             2:00

1) Side Lunge Right to Overhead Twist Left                                           15x

2) Side Lunge Left to Overhead Twist Right                                           15x

3) Side to Side Lunges                                                                            20x

4) Hyperextension                                                                                   20x

5) Crunch on Stability Ball                                                                       50x







Get Pumped and Abs Too Workout


It has been unseasonably cold here in Florida, but I am still going out and recording my workouts. I had a few new exercise combinations in the workout. If you have been following me then you have seen the exercises, I have just combined a few together. In this workout, I did 6 exercises three times through. Set your timer for a 10 second rest and 50 second work for 18 rounds. If you are a beginner you can set your timer for 6 rounds and do it 3 times with a break in between each round. If you are advanced and want to follow me, we are doing all 18 rounds without a break. Remember to work at your pace. The exercise breakdown is below.

Set Timer: 10 rest/ :50 work  18 rounds

1) 5 Squats/ 1 Overhead Press to a Burpee

2) 10x Mountain Climbers/ 5x Frog Jumps

3) Push-up Rotation Right then Left to a Burpee

4) Alternating Front Lunge with Side Twist / 4x Jump Lunges

5) Burpee to Sumo Squat with Alternating Knee Lift Right and Left

6) Pull-up to Bicep Curl (on Straps or with dumbbells)


Abs:  Set timer for :10 rest/ :50 work   6 rounds

1) Plank Toe Taps off Ugi

2) On Knees – Roll Out with Straps or Stability Ball

3) Russian Twist




The Booty Lover Workout


I did a short workout today because it was so cold out there. It was fine once I got moving, but it was still cold. The workout for today focused on the legs and butt. The squat jump to plank exercise was very deceiving. I didn’t think it was going to be hard enough, but my heart rate was really up there when I was doing it. You need to really focus on squatting low to the ground and hopping up into the air. Remember to hold your core tight in the plank position, and don’t let your stomach sag to the floor. You can either press play and follow along with me, or write it down and do it at your convenience. Remember to work at your own pace. Set your timer for :10 rest/ :30 work for 24 rounds. Beginners can set their timer for 6 rounds and take a break before starting the next round.


1) Squat Jump to Plank

2) Sandbag Clean and Press to 6x Mountain Climbers

3) Reverse Cross-over Lunge Right to Side Kick out

4) Reverse Cross-over Lunge Left to Side Kick out

5) Criss Cross Jacks

6) Knees to side with feet in Straps or on Stability Ball




Just Get it Done Workout


I did my workout today using the straps for a few of the exercises. All of the moves that I did can be done without the straps. So fear not, if you don’t have straps, I have given you other options. After using them, I have realized that I need to use them more. I think my body is used to the exercises that I do, even though I change it up frequently. I struggled a little with the One Legged Burpee, but I will continue to do them until I get stronger. I need to work a push-up into the burpee, but that will take some time and me getting used to using them. On the final round I forgot to do Mountain Climbers until the end. I showed you how to do them with your feet in the straps or up on the wall. I gave you enough options that you can work at your own level. You can hit play and follow along with me, or write down the exercises and work at your own pace. I did 30 rounds with 15 second rest and 1:00 work. Take breaks when you need them, and work at your own pace. The exercise breakdown is below.

1) Sandbag Swing

2) Right Leg – One Legged Burpee

3) Left Leg – One Legged Burpee

4) Crab Dance

5) Left Leg in Strap or on Ball (out to side) Squat on Right Leg

6) Right Leg in Strap or on Ball (out to side) Squat on Left Leg

7) 2x Jump Lunge Knee Up Crunch

8) Mountain Climber (Feet in Straps Optional)

9) Sandbag Squat/Lunge Combo

10) Sumo Squat Ball Overhead Alternating Knee Lift