Sweat it Out Workout

By the time most of you see this post it will be the new year. I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. This workout is not too long so it is a great way to jump back into your workout routine. There are 17 exercises that you will complete two times. You will set your timer for 10 second rest and 40 second work for 34 rounds. If you are a beginner, start with 1 round. Then work your way up to the second round.

1) “T” Raise Push-up

2) Sandbag Swings

3) Jump Lunges

4) Sandbag Bent-over Row

5) Right Side Lunge to Kick Front

6) Left Side Lunge to Kick Front

7) Shoulder Tap Push-ups

8) Squat with Alternating Side Twist

9) Squat with Sandbag Shoulder Press

10) Elevated Push-up

11) Strict Mountain Climbers

12) Sandbag or Dumbbell Bicep Curl

13) Plank Jacks

14) Right Side Plank Kick up then Leg Out

15) Left Side Plank Kick up then Leg Out

16) Dips

17) Goblet Squat




T.G.I.F. Workout


Here was the workout I did before we went away. Sorry that I did not get it posted earlier. My internet speed was slow and it wasn’t finished before I had to depart. Better late than never. It was nice working out in the warm weather. Our weather changed again, and the days have been in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. Mornings are nice when I’m working out because it’s around the mid 60’s. I hope you all had a nice holiday. My middle son’s birthday was the Friday after Christmas. We went and did indoor skydiving with the boys and a family friend. We had such a great time. I will share photos and the video as soon as we get them up loaded. Here is a great workout to help get you back on track. Remember to work at your own pace and take breaks when you need them. If you are a beginner, you can go through one round. If you are more advanced try for all three rounds.

Set your timer for :15 rest/ 1:00 work  30 rounds

1) Manmaker with Close Grip Push-up

2) Froggers

3) Sandbag Roll-up twist Right then Left

4) Jump Lunges

5) “T” Raise Dumbbell Push-up

6) Burpee with Up-Right Row

7) Criss Cross Jack

8) Squat with Overhead Press

9) Plank Jacks

10) Reverse Crunch




Maggie’s Nutcracker Workout



This was such an intense workout this morning. I had Maggie, who is a friend of my oldest son, join me for the fun. She is in ROTC with him, and she also runs track and cross country. She wanted to try one of my workouts for a change of pace. I think she was surprised at how tough it was. She did tell me that she would come back for another workout. You can play the video and follow along with us, or the workout breakdown is below.

Set your timer for :10 rest/ :50 work. We did 8 rounds, 3 times through with a :30 break between each round.

1) Monkey Squats with Weight (Optional)

2) Right Leg Round House Kick with Reverse Lunge to Knee Up

3) Left Leg Round House Kick with Reverse Lunge to Knee Up

4) Spiderman Crawl Push-up

5) Goblet Squat

6) 10x Pike Over Mat / 10x Mountain Climbers

7) 3x Plank Jack to Burpee (jump tuck)

8) Alternating Toe Tap Sit-up



300 Strong Workout


I don’t know about all of you, but I have had a dizzying week. With three boys looking forward to Christmas and lots and lots of cookie baking, my days have begun early and I have ended by collapsing into bed. I have hit a new record with my cookie production this year. I have made total of 4,128 cookies. I make 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies that we share with family, teachers, friends and neighbors. My days have been longer and my workouts shorter. I have still managed to fit in a workout, or I wouldn’t be fit to live with. Today is no exception. This workout is nice because you can customize it to fit into any hectic schedule. I did 1 round through of 30 repetitions for each exercise. If you are a beginner, you can do 15 repetitions 2 times through. And if you have time and want more of a challenge, then you can do 2 or 3 rounds. I was breathing hard after 1 round.

Set your timer for stopwatch.

1) Right Side Lunge/ Swing Ball & Knee Raise Right                           30x

2) Left Side Lunge/ Swing Ball & Knee Raise Left                                30x

3) Frog Hop Push-up                                                                             30x

(When you hop in, switch ball to opposite hand for push-up)

4) Right Side Plank Knee Crunch                                                         15x

5) Left Side Plank Knee Crunch                                                            15x

6) Sandbag Swing                                                                                 30x

7) 3x Low Pulse to a Squat                                                                    30x

8) Leg Raises                                                                                         30x

9) 3x Plank Jacks Hop in and Hold Squat Position                                30x

10) Plank Knee Crunch Right then Left to Push-up                               30x

11) Burpees                                                                                            30x



Step Up Your Game Workout


Winter is officially here. It was a bit chilly this morning for my workout, but I powered through and thawed out afterwards. You will do 5 exercises with jump rope in between each. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can do jumping jacks or jog in place. On exercise number 5 I used the Glide Discs. If you don’t have them, you can use regular paper plates. I show you the exercise with the paper plates in my video. I finished the workout with a few upper body exercises. The workout breakdown is below. You can write it down, or follow along with me on the video. Work at your own pace and take breaks when you need to.


Part 1:  :15/1:00/:30   20 rounds

1. Right Cross Over Step Up to a Right Reverse Lunge     (1:00)     Jump Rope  (:30)

2. Left Cross Over Step Up to a Left Reverse Lunge          (1:00)     Jump Rope  (:30)

3. 3x Tricep Push-up / 3x Dips                                             (1:00)      Jump Rope   (:30)

4. Squat with Alternating Step up to Glute Squeeze            (1:00)     Jump Rope   (:30)

5. Plank Knee in on Sliders                                                  (1:00)     Jump Rope   (:30)


Part 2:  1:00  8 rounds  (Choose a weight that you can hold the entire time. There are no breaks so you will move from one exercise to the next.)

1. Tricep Overhead Extension

2. Shoulder Press

3. Bicep Curl

4. Up-right Row