Swinging into the Weekend

So for those of you who have been following my posts, you know that I like change. My body and my mind crave it. I need a challenge so I don’t feel like I’m just going through the motion. I lifted yesterday with a crazy circuit for my back, shoulders and biceps, so I thought todays workout would be a chest and triceps all bundled nicely into a crazy heart pumping workout. I only needed my 30 lb sandbag, a timer  and a mat.

Part 1:  Stop watch

Up Down Plank 8x    then      Close Grip Push-up 1x

Sandbag Swing     10x

Up Down Plank 7x    then      Close Grip Push-up 2x

Sandbag Swing     10x

Up Down Plank 6x    then     Close Grip Push-up  3x

Sandbag Swing     10x

Up Down Plank 5x    then      Close Grip Push-up  4x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 4x    then      Close Grip Push-up  5x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 3x   then       Close Grip Push-up 6x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 2x     then     Close Grip Push-up 7x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 1x     then     Close Grip Push-up   8x

Sandbag Swing     10x

(It took me 7:06 to complete part one.)

Part 2:   1:00 countdown   8 rounds (I was going to save the core work for the end, but my arms were already shaking after part 1 so I put them in the center of the workout)

1) Right Side Plank Hold

2) Front Plank Hold

3) Left Side Plank Hold

4) Glute Hold


Part 3:  Stopwatch

(I did burpees between my sets of sandbag swings. I started at 20 repetitions and worked my way down to 10 repetitions.)

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee        20x

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee         19x

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee         18x

Sandbag Swing      10x/            Burpee         17x

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee        16x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        15x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        14x

Sandbag Swing    10x/               Burpee       13x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        12x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        11x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        10x

I completed part 3 in 17:02. After I finished, I laid on the mat and stretched. My arms were shaking and I was exhausted. When you finish this workout, you will have done 190 Sandbag Swings, 165 Burpees, 36 Push-ups and Down Up Planks. Believe me it feels like it.



Strong and Toned Workout

So I did something a little different today. I did my lifting in 3 circuits of 4 & 5 exercises, and then  finished up with a quick HIIT workout. I need to constantly change it up and shock the muscles so this was a nice variation.  I did 4 sets of each exercise in the circuit, but you do what feels comfortable for you. I also did a weight that was not too heavy to start out, but by the end I was pushing hard to finish the set. If you need to, lower the weight or just use your body weight.

Circuit 1: (I went from one exercise to the next with no breaks, and I completed 4 rounds. So you will complete 4 sets of each exercise when you finish.)

Butt Blaster                                                        1 set of 20 reps with 50 lbs

Pull-up on smith machine                                  1 set of 15 reps with body weight

(After the butt blaster, I turned around and grabbed the smith machine bar to do pull-ups)

Plank Jacks                                                       1 set of 20 reps with body weight

(I did this off a high adjustable weight bench)

Reverse Lunge                                                  1 set of 20 reps with 30 lb. sandbag


Circuit 2: (I went from one exercise to the next with no breaks, and I completed 4 rounds. So you will get 4 sets of each exercise when you finish)

Leg Press on Smith Machine                             1 set of 25 reps with 120 lbs

Manmaker w/Renegade Row                             1 set of 15 reps with 15 lb. Dumbbells

Alternate Dumbbell Curl                                     1 set of 20 reps with 15 lb. dumbbells

Zottman Curls                                                     1 set of 15 reps with 15 lb. dumbbells


Circuit 3: (I went from one exercise to the next with no breaks, and I completed 4 rounds.  So you will complete 4 sets of each exercise when you finish.)

Inner Thigh Lunge                                              1 set of 20 reps with 30 lb. sandbag

Front Cross Over Lunge                                     1 set of 20 reps with 30 lb. sandbag

Touch Front / Touch Behind                                1 set of 15 reps with 10 lb. dumbbell

Elevated Side Plank Reach Through Right        1 set of 15 reps with 5 lb. dumbbell

Elevated Side Plank Reach Through Left           1 set of 15 reps with 5 lb. dumbbell


Once I completed my lifting circuits, I did a new 20 minute HIIT workout. Set your timer for 30 second break/ 10 second rest for 30 rounds. There are 15 exercises and you will complete 2 rounds

Here is a link for the entire workout if you would like to follow along.  Strong and Toned Video


1) 3 Pulse Squats Stand

2) Mountain Climbers

3) Sandbag Swing

4) Plank Hip Dip Elbow Twist Right

5) Plank Hip Dip Elbow Twist Left

6) Thigh Burner

7) Side Lunge Circle Ball Right

8) Side Lunge Circle Ball Left

9) Sandbag Row

10) Reverse Lunge Ball Swing Right

11) Reverse Lunge Ball Swing Left

12) Burpee w/Up-right Row

13) Sumo Squat Side Twist (10 lb. Ugi Ball)

14) Alternating Toe Touch Sit-up (10 lb. Ugi Ball)

15) Surfer Jump

My scores are below. Let me know how you did.

9, 9

72, 74

16, 17

9, 9

9, 9

8, 7

12, 12

12, 12

18, 17

12, 12

12, 12

6, 6

12, 12

12, 12

22, 26




The Sweat Fest Workout

I had a new workout already to go. All the moves are stationary, and I was going to record it while I did it. Unfortunately, we had torrential rain last night and it made the back lanai too slippery. The weather has been too unpredictable. I did it at the gym to see how it flowed. I think it went well. I am going to post the workout with the clips, but I will set up the camera and record this workout.  It is 20 minutes long and super intense. The only thing I needed for the workout was my 30 lb. sandbag and my timer. If you don’t have a sandbag, you can use dumbbells, kettle bells, a medicine ball or even a weight plate. There are three parts to the workout. Take breaks where you need them.

(I did a 10 minute warm-up with the jump rope. 15 Rounds  30 second work/ 10 second rest)

Part 1:  5:00 minute countdown

Runner Hop Clean & Press Combo

(8 mountain climbers – hop in to right side and then to plank – hop in to left side then to plank. Hop feet in and grab the sandbag for a clean & press. Repeat until timer goes off.)


Part 2:   1:00/ :45/ :30/ :15

(You will do all 4 exercises for a minute each. Then do all four for 45 seconds, then 30 seconds and finish with 15 seconds. I gave myself 2 seconds to get into position for each exercise. So your timer will look like this   :02/ 1:00   4Rounds  –  :02/ :45  4Rounds-  :02/ :30   4Rounds  – :02/ :15  4Rounds

1)   Right Side Plank Hip Dip – Kick out

2)   Glute lift

3)   Left Side Plank Hip Dip – Kick out

4)   Plank Hip Raise


Part 3:  5:00 Countdown

Kneeling Clean & Press Low Squat Combo

(Kneel on ground with weight in front of you. Come up to feet, stay low and flip bag to chest. Stand up and press bag overhead. Lower bag to chest and hold in low squat position. Step to right in low squat and then to left. Lower bag to floor and go back to kneeling position. Repeat standing up with opposite foot.

Let me know how you did.  Enjoy

My scores:

Part 1: 19

Part 2:

18, 14, 7, 5  (1:00 countdown)

14, 18, 14, 22 (:45 countdown)

7, 14, 8, 18 (:30 countdown)

5, 7, 5, 8 (:15 countdown)

Part 3: 19


Triple Threat Workout

I was up early today filming more video clips of my exercises. Every time I think I’m caught up, I generate a new list of exercises that need to be recorded. I did an hours worth of the videos this morning, but had to stop because I was a parent driver for my son’s school Junior ROTC unit. They had Adopt-A-Highway clean up this morning. They had so many kids turn out that they needed the parents to walk along to supervise the kids. After spending 3 hours with the kids I headed back home to finish the videos. The video I will be attaching to my post is a video of a workout that I did the other day. It was too complicated to write a description so I thought I would try my hand at a video that would explain and show the exercises.

I used my Ugi ball for the workout. If you don’t have a Ugi ball, you can use a medicine ball or keep your feet on the floor and use dumbbells. The only place the Ugi ball is really necessary is when you do toe taps off the ball. If you don’t have a ball, you can do it on the floor. Make sure you bring your leg out far enough to engage the obliques.

This workout has three parts, and it will take you about 35 minutes from start to finish. That includes your rest in between each part, as well as set up.

Here is the video. The description is below.  Video

Part 1: 8 minute countdown

Commando Push-up right then left. Roll-over & do 10 plank jacks. Hop in and hop over matt. 10 squats and hop back. Repeat until timer goes off.

Part 2: 8 minute countdown

4 Ugi ball toe taps right and left. Hop feet to floor & reach through legs for ball. Hop up and turn with ball. Drop ball to floor & hop over it. Do 3 low pulse squat. Drop hands to floor and hop feet back to ball. Repeat until timer goes off.

Part 3: 10 minute countdown

Squat                                                   10x

Overhead Walking Lunge                    10x

Burpee with Ball                                   10x

Overhead Walking Lunge                    10x

Overhead Jump Lunges                       10x

Continue to repeat all 5 exercise until your timer goes off.

Collapse in a heap of sweat and exhaustion.



Kick Ass Workout

I really liked this workout today.  I came up with this one the other night. I thought I would try it out today since I was pressed for time. I like it because it hits all the major muscle groups. It is a good thing I didn’t lift before I did it,  I don’t think I would have made it through the entire workout. I used my 30 lb. sandbag for all my weighted exercises, and the rest were all  body weight moves. There are 4 groups with 3 exercises in each. I went through each group three time, and before moving on to the next group of exercises I performed a cardio move.

Set your Gym Boss timer for stop watch and have plenty of water and towels on hand. You will need it.

Here is the entire video for the workout.  Kick Ass Workout Video

Group 1: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Burpees                                                                                    10x

2) Squat with Alternating Rear Leg Raise                                    20x  (10 each side)

(I held my sandbag for this one. Squat low and lift your leg behind you as you squeeze your butt and stand up.)

3) Bicep Curl with shoulder Press                                                15x

(I used my sandbag for this one.)

Jump Lunges                                                                                 50x

Group 2: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Right Leg Walk Out to Push-up                                                10x

2) Left Leg Walk Out to Push-up                                                  10x

3) Pendulums                                                                               50x

Jump Squats                                                                                30x

Group 3: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Sandbag Clean & Press                                                           10x
2) Right Arm Sandbag Swing                                                        10x
3) Left Arm Sandbag Swing                                                          10x

Froggers                                                                                        20x

Group 4: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Plank Jump/ Frog Hop Push-up                                                10x
2) Close Grip Push-up                                                                    10x
3) Plank Hold w/Alternating Single Leg Raise                                20x

Prisoner Squats                                                                              50x

This was an unbelievable workout. It took me 43:23 to do.
Let me know how you did.