Buns & Guns Workout

I wanted to do a full body workout before Yoga today so I put this torture filled one together. There are many ways to break this one up, and I will probably try it another day in another variation. But for today I wanted to feel all the muscles working. It did the trick because in Yoga when I was holding poses my legs were shaking. I am so glad she didn’t do any balance poses. I don’t believe I could have pulled them off today.

The workout is as follows. Click on each name and it will pull up a video that shows the exercise.

Part 1:  Set your gym boss timer on stopwatch. Repeat 2x’s through.

1) Prisoner Squats                                                      50x

2) Walking Lunges                                                      30x

(I used my 30 lb. Sandbag)

3) Jump Squats                                                           20x

4) Side Lunges                                                            30x

(I used my 30 lb. Sandbag)

5) Glute Lift                                                                  50x


Part 2:  Set your gym boss timer on stopwatch. Repeat 2x’s through.

1) Push-up                                                               10x

2) Crab Toe Touches                                               20x

3) Bicep Curls                                                          30x

(I used my 30 lb. Sandbag)

4) Plank Hold                                                          1 minute

5) Plank Hand Knee Tuck                                       50x

6) Plank Hold                                                          1 minute

7) Bicep Curls                                                           30x

(I used my 30 lb. Sandbag)

8) Crab Toe Touches                                                20x

9) Push-up                                                                 10x


I completed part 1 in 12:48 and part 2 in 12:57.

Let me know how you did.


Swimming with My Girls

You know, there are days that you just need a break from crazy workouts. Today was one of those days. We finally got a break in the weather so the dogs and I headed out to the pool for some sunshine and crazy fun. Our goldens love to swim. When they were puppies I taught them how to retrieve their toys off the bottom of the swimming pool. They each have their own toy, and they only retrieve their colored toy. I have no idea how they know which one is theirs, but they do. I think they learned the diving from watching our boys and their friends diving in. We can’t go out to the pool without taking them along. They literally sit at the door and cry if any one is on the pool deck. I warn everyone that comes over to swim that the dogs swim with us. They are part of our family, and it is as much their pool as it ours. Enjoy the video.


Dog days

Dog days


Head to Toe Workout

I wanted a workout today that hit all the major muscle groups, required very little equipment or space and still kept me breathing hard. I didn’t think it was going to be very challenging until I got to about round 3.  My heart rate monitor was beeping like crazy because my heart rate was too high.  When my heart rate got too high I toweled off and got a drink. If you complete the 10 rounds, it is 100 repetitions of each exercise.

I used 10lb dumbbells for the Manmakers. They felt light at first, but by about round 3 they were feeling pretty heavy. I used my 30lb sandbag for the lunges and roll-ups. Remember to chose a weight that is manageable, and if it begins to feel too heavy drop the weight and do it without.

There are only three exercises in this workout. If you want to track your time, set a stopwatch and complete 10 rounds.

1. Manmaker Combo                                                               10x

2. Front Lunge                                                                         10x

3. Sandbag Roll-up to Get Up                                                  10x

I went for time, but kept good form.  I completed all 10 rounds in 21:26

Drop It Like it’s Hot!

So todays workout hit all the major body parts and really got the heart pumping. I must give props to Helen Moon on Disavowed Rockers Facebook page for inspiring me to create this workout. Her compliment was something about really knowing how to drop a squat like it’s hot.  So without further adieu here is the crazy workout I came up with and performed this morning.

For the workout I used my 10lb Ugi ball. You can use a medicine ball, or no weight at all. You will set your timer for a 1:00 interval of work / 15 second interval of rest and 10 rounds, going through it three times. I repeated this workout 3 times for a total of 30 rounds. You do what is comfortable for you. If you are a beginner, you can stop after the first round. Intermediate level can go for 2 rounds. Or go all out and hit it 3 times through, taking breaks where you need them.

1) Frog Hop

2) Drop Squats

3) Right Walk out to push-up

4) Left Walk out to push-up

5) Froggers

6) Runners Stomp right

7) Runners Stomp Left

8) Plank up down with Push-up

9) Thigh Burners

10) Egg Drop Jump Lunge Combo

My Score:

1. 28, 20, 22

2. 20, 20, 20

3. 9, 9, 9

4. 8, 8, 8

5. 9, 10, 10

6. 27, 29, 26

7. 27, 26, 27

8. 11, 11, 11

9. 12, 12, 13

10. 4, 4, 4


Swim Break

I wanted to talk about a different workout today. I decided to give my joints a break, specifically my right foot. About 7 years ago I broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my right foot. There are two screws in there holding it together. When my sneakers or my insoles wear out, my foot is the first to let me know. Well it’s been hurting for about two weeks. But instead of being miserable, I jumped in the swimming pool at the gym and did laps. The water is great because there is no impact on the body, but with the resistance of the water you get such a great workout.

I had an hour and I wanted  to see how many laps I could do. I went at a steady pace and did 100 25-meters laps or about 1 and 1/2 miles, in 55 minutes. I left myself a little time to stretch and cool down at the end. If you have never swam, I’m here to tell you that it too can be an intense workout. I swam Freestyle today, so you hit the arms, shoulders, core, butt, and legs. It is a total body workout to propel yourself through the water. It requires you to engage all of the muscles in your body. Then you must also think about your breathing. I mentioned in a previous post that I began Pilates classes. The breathing I have learned in that class has carried over into my swimming. As I breath the air out in the water, I do the Pilates breath and can really feel my abdominals tighten. I was not  going for speed today, but form. I wanted to feel every part of my body as I worked to push through the water.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!