The 12 “Tastic” Exercises Workout


Happy Friday the 13th! I can’t believe there are only 12 days left until Christmas. My workout today is based on the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas song. It is a cumulative song, meaning each verse is built on the previous verse until you reach the last verse. At that point you go from 1 all the way to 12. So in the workout you will start at 12, then you will do 11 and 12, and then 10, 11 and 12 and so forth until you reach the last round where you go from 1 all the way to 12. You can follow along with me on the video to do the entire workout. Below is the workout breakdown.

Set your timer for stopwatch.

12. Reverse Lunge with Dumbbell Rotation                                          12x

11. Sandbag Swing                                                                                11x

10. Jumping Jacks                                                                                 10x

9. Push-up                                                                                               9x

8. Sandbag Roll-up to Get up                                                                  8x

7. Dips                                                                                                      7x

6. Leg Raises                                                                                           6x

5. Burpees                                                                                                5x

4. Jump Tucks                                                                                          4x

3. Jumping Squats                                                                                   3x

2. Plyo Push-ups                                                                                      2x

1. Sandbag Clean & Press                                                                       1x