10x16x Workout

I am trying out a new pair of shorts in the video today. I got them at Victoria Secret yesterday when I was out for my birthday. I usually wear Lululemon shorts because I sweat so much, and their moisture-wicking material is awesome. I have Lululemon shorts that are at least 5 years old that have held up to my sweaty workouts. I do, however, like Victoria Secret Sports Bras so I thought I would try out their shorts. They seemed to fit well, but I will have to wear them a couple of times before I can give you the final verdict.

Today’s workout is a continuation of my week long birthday celebration. I created it using the month and day of my birthday as my repetitions.  At the end of each round you will complete 45 Pendulums to really get your heart rate up. If you don’t like Pendulums, you can do any type of cardio move. Some good examples are mountain climbers, high knees, jump rope or any other cardiovascular move you enjoy doing. You want to chose a weight that is challenging enough so that the last few repetitions of each exercise is hard, but manageable. Your focus should be on form and not speed.

There are a few new exercises in the workout. Click on the highlighted links for a tutorial to each exercise.   Shoulder Stagger Squat, Yoga Push-up Beginner, or Yoga Push-up Advanced.

Here is the link to 10x16x Workout, and the workout breakdown is below.

Set your timer for stopwatch and complete 3 rounds.

1) Pike Press                                                                          10x

2) Shoulder Stagger Squat (Right)                                         16x

3) Yoga Push-up                                                                     10x

4) Shoulder Stagger Squat (Left)                                            16x

5) Sandbag Swing                                                                   10x

6) Squat with Shoulder Press Side to Side                              16x

7) Stability Ball Pike Up                                                            10x

8) Side Plank Right Hip Dip with Elbow Twist                           16x

9) Thigh Burner                                                                         10x

10) Side Plank Left Hip Dip with Elbow Twist                            16x

Pendulums                                                                                 45x